Manchmal kontakten mich "Verzweifelte" aus dem System. Da gibt es einiges zu lesen. Kürzlich bekam ich einen Brief an Panayiota weitergeleitet. Das Thema ist bekannt. Wer trotzdem lesen mag, der sehe über das etwas holprige Englisch hinweg:


Dear Panayiota, Christmas Thoughts 2018
Whenever I open the book of the symbol of life, I always read your fathers dedication :
to my beloved daughter Panayiota Ch. Theodoki ( Atteshli )
And everything was and is good for me. What do I want to say ? I never was and never will
be against you. It's the opposite : in spiritual terms I am completely with you.
Yioussouf and Maria rode to Bethlehem to be registered as by order of Casesar Augustus.
They were tired, but Yioussouf could find no suitable place for them to spend the night, as
all inns and houses in Bethlehem were full. There was, however, near the town a large
cave where a man by the name of Nathaniel kept two cows and a flock of sheep. On this
mild night Nathaniel and his shepherds had taken the flock out in the field. His cave was lit
with two resinous torches fixed on the walls, and it was their light that beckoned Yioussouf
and Maria.
In a corner of the cave near an empty manger Yioussouf prepared a place for Maria to rest
on some woolen cloths. Yioussouf found two empty buckets, and he took these to the well
outside for fresh water. When he returned with the bucklets full, he found Maria sitting with
her baby son in her arms. Maria had given birth to the Messiah without the help of any
human being, without pain, and without staining the cloths. She had taken the white cloth
with which a White Dove of the Heavens covered her head to swaddle the Godchild.
body of Joshua needed no washing. Maria placed her son in the empty manger on some
clean pieces of white cloth. Yioussouf was creatly confused, unable to comprehend
that the Son of God could be born in a cave and laid in a manger.
As you can see, there is a kind of a relationship between Josef and me. He didn't
understood why Christ, the son of God was born in a cave. And I never understood why
the seminars should be so expensiv. For my weak understanding and in my opinion it's the
opposite of the teachings of your father. And this is someting that confused me all the time.
Not all of us are Doctors, lawyers or businessmans, there are also maybe a view Seeker
with short pockets and a small income. And to those group I belong. Did you ever ask
yourself, how can I make it possible, that all can come whenever they feel the need, to
follow the teachings, when I give lessons ?
Can you remember what a seeker payes for the old cassettes in the days of your father ?
No one thought about the prize ! Because everyone could handle it. No big deal, no
financial investment at all. And everybody was more than happy, keeping a prescious
treasure in „his“ hands to work with.
But since your father passed away, many things has changed.
But I guess, the day will come, when everything will be balanced again to all kind of those
things, I can imagine... and is the internet domain, created on cyprus : www.theeye.
eu not
a project of the old days of the 1990... established now in 2018 ? Where the complete
Christ book is published for the public ?
But back to the Seminars. And I'll speak only for myself. Can you imagine that I wanted to
come more often then I did ? And why I couldn't come ? Because there was that stupid
barriere called MONEY ! What you don't know untilo now, is : I would and I will never ask
God for more, and especially for more money and HE knows that exactly.
I'm not anymore interessted in making money. Money in the past, as it is today, was the
cause for all that misery, crime, wars and bloodshed on this planet. Nothing has changed.
And I really don't like it. This planet is a real paradise, like your father said and could even
so as a school.
I always remember your fathers words : that the teachings are more prescious than any
material thing on this planet ! And he said something else : nothing belongs to us... not
even the truth – we belongs to the truth ! And calling yourself as a seeker of truth, is a title,
a great honar, he said.
Your father trained you and you're working successful for the System. Excellent ! Who put
everything in your hand ? Your father ! Was therefore a reason ? Of cource ! You was for
him not only his daughter but also the perfect trustee for his spiritual heritage and treasure.
Because as I see it, your relationship with him goes back through many, many
incarnations, for sure. But what you've learned in financial things from your father ? Do you
remember the lesson, were he called people who are taken money, spiritual prostitutes ?
Sounds brutal and yes it is, but its not from me, this are the words of your father.
Now if we suppose that their is a reason to take money... printing books and all that
material, without building a stoa or research center, would it be not enough to take only
150 250
Euros, instead of taken 450 Euros and more ? Of course it would ! But then
some people would be a little bit more unhappy. A little bit unhappy ? No, they would be
totally unhappy, because they would not earn money anymore ! But these are those, who
didn't understand your fathers thoughts at all. So why we've to support those people, what
for ? For the management and compensation for loss earnings or fees ?
We should have brothers and sisters, who are willing to follow the truth in the foodsteps of
your father, independent from everything, especially from money, because they have a job
to earn money.
As your father said: The teachings should be independent from your work. And if someone
has not the money, make sure, that there is a place for him. But in our days this seems
totally forgotten...
And even if you practice it from the very moment when you started to work, do you think it
feels good for a person, to ask for a discount ? Only one time I asked, but I can tell you by
my own experience : It didn't feel good for me. I feeled like a beggar. And I never asked
again !
Anyway without
a doubt, in all of the years, after your father passed away, you had done
a great work. There is no doubt about it and I don't question it. What I questioned in the
past, was that exorbitant money system !
Do you think that Joshua Immanuel the Christ took money from those, who became a
healers ? Did the rabbis take so much money for any ceremony in the temple, or for the
teachings they gave in the synagogues ? Did Christ take money for his speeches in the
different temples ?
Christ even materialized gold to give it away, remembered ? I don't expect that you've to
materialized money for those, who have not enough, but maybe you'll materialize in future
seminars in terms of your father...
Their is a seeker, he was the translator on the side of your father. He's name : Karl F.
Hörner. Believe it or not, I love him and his voice so much and the way he translated the
lessons. You know him, did he not translate once for you also, in the last time ? He has
written a book, Working Title : You are more – much more as you think ( Something like
that ) Did he ever talked with you about that ? Did you ever read his bookconcept
? I think
it is time, that this seeker of the truth, especially the one who was sitting on the side of
your father, should published his book. And of course with a forword of you. If everything is
ready to print – great ! If not, you should talk to him about his project.
Daniel from the United States wrote and publized his whale book, translated at the end by
Stefan. Christoph Stämpfli from switzerland published a book called : Wake up.
Their is only one wish, what I have in my mind : Maybe it will come true, maybe not, its up
to you and HIM above.
I hope that in your last days down here on earth, you'll reactivate the stoa of your father, in
the footsteps of your father again. Without taken money. It could be in the same way, your
father acted. Monday and Thuesday Lessons, Wednesday Healing and the rest its up to
you according your healthness and power (Private consultings). Lefkosia and Strovolos is
only a short distance. And for sure you would have many brothers and sisters around you,
who will support you, their is no doubt.
Then I will come to join you again, with my recorder on my knees, like in the old days.
Happy to pay only for the flight, a cheap guesthouse or a tent on a campground and some
little money in my pocket to support myself in a simple way with food.
And what you don't know : I loved always to listen to you. I could listen to you for hours.
But as we all know, you are a powerful woman, with your own strong personality, so
everything it's up to you and this is really not my business.
And I told you on the last seminar and I repead it again today : I love you, yes this is true,
and the heaven and your father knows it.
I wish you healthness, happyness and more satisfaction in Life and a good year 2019 .
With Love

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